NFC Cards For Your Church

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Why NFC Cards?

Near Field Communication (NFC) powers SimplyTap cards, allowing users to tap their smartphone on a card and instantly open a website, seamlessly connecting them to a church's essential information

NFC cards are a great way to connect with your congregation. They are easy to use and can be used in a variety of ways. They are also a great way to share information and connect with your congregation.


The SimplyTap Difference

  • Simplicity: Forget multiple links and QR codes. One tap is all it takes.
  • Reliability: NFC cards don't expire or get lost in a digital shuffle. They're always ready.
  • Engagement: Boost participation in church services, events. and activities.
  • Easy Giving: Your congregation has instant access to your giving portal.


How It Works

  • Order SimplyTap Cards: Order your NFC cards customized with your logo and embed with your link.
  • Link Your Content: Connect cards to your church's key information and resources.
  • Attach to Seats: Use the included adhesive to attach them to the back of all the chairs in your sanctuary for easy access.



How does SimplyTap work?

SimplyTap uses NFC technology, enabling instant content sharing with just a tap to a smartphone.

Do guests need an app to view my content?

No, there's no app required. The NFC technology works with any modern smartphone.

Can we update the content on a SimplyTap card?

Absolutely. Change content on the page your card links to, keeping your content fresh and relevant.

What are examples of content we can link to?

Anything you want to share with your congregation: connection forms, event schedules, giving links, sign-ups, and more.


How To Order

  • Select Quantity: Choose how many SimplyTap cards your church needs. There's no minimum order, so you can start small or equip your entire congregation.
  • Customize Your Cards: Add your church's logo or a custom message. Make the cards uniquely yours.
  • Confirm and Checkout: Review your order, confirm your customizations, and proceed to checkout with our secure payment system.



Ready to revolutionize the way your church connects? Order your SimplyTap NFC cards today and embark on a journey of seamless engagement. At just $2 a card, it's an investment in community and connection.


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